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Jones Knows: Be like Levy, be ruthless!

Sky Sports - fre, 22/11/2019 - 07:00
What betting opportunities are out there? If anyone knows, Jones Knows.

Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend

Guardian - fre, 22/11/2019 - 01:34

Wilfried Zaha is a threat to injury-hit Liverpool, José Mourinho checks in at Spurs, and Chelsea can make a statement

It has been 50 weeks since the Sun led with the back-page headline “£40m to get Poch”, in which they detailed how Mauricio Pochettino was poised to take over from José Mourinho at Manchester United. “The Tottenham boss is the ONLY contender to replace Mourinho next summer,” they insisted, adding that “Daniel Levy faces a huge battle to keep his manager”. Mourinho did indeed leave United, and some time sooner than the summer, but he has since pulled off a complete reversal of fortunes. Now it is Pochettino who is out of a job, and Mourinho who was headhunted to replace him. Mourinho spoke warmly and generously of his predecessor on Thursday in his first Tottenham press conference, but a person as proud as the Portuguese will surely take some pleasure at the situation. Mourinho will face West Ham in his first game as Tottenham manager, just as Pochettino did, and Tim Sherwood before him. SB

West Ham v Tottenham (12.30pm, Saturday)

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Arsenal v Southampton (3pm, Saturday)

Brighton v Leicester (3pm, Saturday)

Manchester City v Chelsea (5.30pm, Saturday)

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Everton v Norwich City (3pm, Saturday)

Watford v Burnley (3pm, Saturday)

Aston Villa v Newcastle (8pm, Monday)

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Mourinho takes Spurs hotseat as tweet reveals Pochettino's farewell message

Guardian - fre, 22/11/2019 - 00:11

• Mourinho tells Pochettino Spurs will ‘always be his home’
• Argentinian’s message to players tweeted by Jesus Perez

José Mourinho says taking over as Tottenham manager has left him “smiling for two days” and made a point of telling his predecessor, Mauricio Pochettino, the club would “always be his home”.

Tottenham sent shockwaves through the Premier League on Wednesday when they followed the surprise news of Pochettino’s sacking with the swift appointment of Mourinho.

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Pochettino's goodbye message revealed

Sky Sports - tor, 21/11/2019 - 23:50
Mauricio Pochettino's goodbye message to his Tottenham players has been revealed by assistant Jesus Perez.

Twinkly José Mourinho gives hint of things to come at beefed-up Spurs | Barney Ronay

Guardian - tor, 21/11/2019 - 22:18
Given past successes, the former Real Madrid manager may just be the one to turn Tottenham into a club to win trophies

“I cannot come to this club and think it is about myself.” Perish the thought, old bean. And indeed, lol. Over the years José Mourinho’s Premier League unveilings have tended to arrive expressly branded, like a high-end fairytale dwarf troupe. The pre-Tottenham years brought us Special, Happy and – looking back – Incredibly Angry. And now we have this. Welcome to Tottenham Hotspur, the Selfless One.

One day on from his appointment and two days before his first game Mourinho was duly announced to the world at the Tottenham training centre. As ever he spoke with fluency and a well-rehearsed charm.

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‘I will wear Spurs pyjamas’: Mourinho vows to eat, sleep and breathe new team

Guardian - tor, 21/11/2019 - 21:39

• ‘I have only one passion, and that’s my club. Now it’s Spurs’
• Mourinho says Premier League is his ‘natural habitat’

José Mourinho has promised to eat, sleep and breathe Tottenham, wearing their tracksuit by day and club pyjamas by night, as he insisted he was stronger for his 11 months away from the dugout – a period when he analysed his career and, specifically, what went wrong for him at Manchester United.

The manager, who has taken over at Spurs from the sacked Mauricio Pochettino, spoke on a range of topics in a 45-minute press conference on Thursday, during which he looked happy and relaxed, cracking a couple of jokes and showing flashes of that matter-of-fact cockiness, even though he described himself as humble.

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New club, new pillows - new Jose?

Sky Sports - tor, 21/11/2019 - 19:44
The happy one? The humble one? The pampered one?

'Humble' Jose: I've made mistakes

Sky Sports - tor, 21/11/2019 - 18:47
Jose Mourinho says he has arrived at Tottenham with a new philosophy "where it is not about myself".

Mourinho: I don't need new players

Sky Sports - tor, 21/11/2019 - 18:25
Jose Mourinho says he is happy with the Tottenham squad and hinted he will not seek huge funds in the January transfer window.

Charlie's Premier League predictions

Sky Sports - tor, 21/11/2019 - 17:50
Charlie Nicholas returns with his latest round of Premier League predictions, including Manchester City vs Chelsea and Sheffield United vs Manchester United.

Tottenham and Gareth Bale shake it up – Football Weekly Extra

Guardian - tor, 21/11/2019 - 17:21

Max Rushden, Barry Glendenning, Philippe Auclair and George Elek discuss Pochettino, Mourinho and Spurs, Elis James’s Wales wonderland, Euro 2020 draw confusion and swapping Europa League for Barnsley

Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and email.

We start by discussing the shock move by Tottenham to replace well-loved Mauricio Pochettino with José Mourinho.

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Rodgers dismisses Spurs link as 'gossip'

Sky Sports - tor, 21/11/2019 - 17:00
Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers has dismissed being a contender for the Tottenham job as "gossip".

José Mourinho faces media for the first time as Tottenham manager – as it happened

Guardian - tor, 21/11/2019 - 16:57

3.57pm GMT

Here is what Mourinho said during his press conference ...

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3.46pm GMT

Mourinho on Pochettino:

3.44pm GMT

Over at Arsenal, Unai Emery told Nick Ames (and other assembled journalists) that Granit Xhaka could be brought back into the fold this weekend.

Related: Granit Xhaka ready to return for Arsenal with Unai Emery’s blessing

3.40pm GMT

3.26pm GMT

Peter Oh emails: “Funny, the thought of José spending the night at the training ground. But seriously, which hotel will he move into?”

People have gone on how he’ll be happier being back in London where he lives. Getting from west London to Enfield in the morning might take him hours.

3.17pm GMT

Mourinho confirms he slept at the training ground last night. The lodge offers “huge pillows”. When Howard Kendall was the Athletic Bilbao manager he lived with at their famous Lezama training ground with the club’s janitor because he couldn’t find anywhere in the city he wanted to live. I hope Mourinho follows suit.

3.16pm GMT

Mourinho says he is focused on buying gifts for the people he loves, not buying news footballers for Christmas. One assumes Mourinho will not be buying all of them on Amazon, like myself.

3.12pm GMT

There was plenty of fawning over Mourinho from journalists in the press conference. What a treat for the industry.

3.06pm GMT

First up for Mourinho on Saturday is Pellegrini. The West Ham boss is never the most charismatic in press conferences. When asked about facing Mourinho said: “Maybe I can think in a different way, but he’s not my enemy. Everyone has their options to play football in the way they want, to talk what they want to say. We have different ways of thinking about it all.”

3.01pm GMT

I do feel more relaxed ...

@Will_Unwin Seeing Mourinho in all this purple clobber has quite a calming effect. On the other hand, he will definitely default back to a dystopian Tinky-Winky shoving poisonous footballing tubby toast down our throats until it all blows up in his face (again).

3.00pm GMT

Mourinho certainly looks refreshed after his time off and time in the Sky Sports studio. There is a bit more of the early Mourinho in his eyes and smile. It shows what time off can do to a man used to the pressure of top-flight management.

2.56pm GMT

Let’s do a little recap of what Mourinho said:

1. Pochettino is welcome back anytime
2. Mourinho has been smiling for two days
3. He has no current plans to sign new players in January
4. He is humble
5. He needed the time away from the game
6. Spurs can win the league next season
7. He now owns Spurs pyjamas

2.50pm GMT

Thanks to the wonders of the modern world, you can now watch the entire press conference back right here:

2.50pm GMT

Someone agrees with Mourinho.

@Will_Unwin trophy next season for @SpursOfficial

2.48pm GMT

There’s no shortage of quality players with one eye on the exit door at Spurs but Mourinho is hoping to keep the best the squad has to offer in order to take the club forward.

“To try to keep all the best players, to refuse to let the best players go away is part of the vision.”

2.46pm GMT

Mourinho is not looking to win the league this year but says Spurs can take the title next season! Big talk!

2.44pm GMT

One of the less desirable syndromes.

@Will_Unwin I've Stockholm Syndromed my way into backing Mourinho. Brilliant signing! Endless glory awaits!

2.42pm GMT

Mourinho likes the Spurs squad so much that he wanted to buy most of them. Who has he tried to sign in the past? Kane? Sissoko? Skipp?

“I told them that one of the reasons why I decided to come was them. I tried to buy some of them for different clubs, I couldn’t,” Mourinho explained. “Some of them I didn’t even try because you know how impossible it is. But I like this squad very, very much. It is not something new I say to make a point.”

2.40pm GMT

Sky did roughly 45834 hours buildup to this press conference without ever pointing out that they would not be showing it live. Mourinho started speaking 40 minutes ago and they are discussing golf instead.

2.38pm GMT

Ian Burch emails in to point out that we’re not rational: “A rational person might wonder what all the fuss is about when a football managerial post becomes vacant and it’s filled by an unemployed football manager.

“However, football supporters are not rational especially when your former manager pitches up at your most hated rivals. Now there is no moral compass in football and Jose is well be within his rights to think he owes Chelsea and their supporters nothing after being told to ‘do one’ not once, but twice.

2.33pm GMT

More on new signings (or lack of): “The best gift are the players who are here. I don’t need new players. I just need to get to know these ones better. I know them well but you never know them well enough until you meet them.”

A huge vote of confidence for Michel Vorm.

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2.31pm GMT

Mourinho on his time off: “I always thought that these 11 months were not a waste of time. They were months to think, to analyse, to prepare. You never lose your DNA, you never lose your identity, but I have time to think about many things. During my career I have made mistakes.

“I am stronger, I am relaxed, I am motivated, I am ready and I think the players felt that in two days. I am ready to support them, this is not about me. It is about the club. I am here to try and help everyone.”

2.30pm GMT

Maybe this is just a ploy to promote Spurs’ range of nightwear for Christmas. “I think I am Mr Porto and Mr Real Madrid and other clubs as well, I am whatever club I am at.

“I wear the pyjamas of the club and sleep in them. I am a club man, but I am a many club man.”

2.28pm GMT

Good news considering there is nothing to send. Mourinho says: “I don’t need players I just need time.”

2.27pm GMT


Positive energy. #THFC ⚪️ #COYS

2.22pm GMT

Sky keep cutting to what Pellegrini said and it reminds one that it’s good to have a manager that is interesting during press conferences back on the circuit.

2.19pm GMT

Mourinho is sat in front of the media wearing a fetching gilet in honour of Tottenham’s greatest ever manager, Tim Sherwood.

2.17pm GMT

We all want some time off, Jose, but some of us don’t have the option. I do agree, you needed it. Maybe Mourinho is secretly promoting Corbyn’s four-day week policy.

“I’m nobody to advise people but to have a break was very positive for me. Having the first summer where I didn’t work was not good for me. I was a bit lost. But it was good for me. I even learned how to be a pundit.”

2.16pm GMT

The Humble One says: “I am humble. I am humble enough to analyse my career, and the problems. There was no one else to blame ... I went really deep in that analysis.”

Keep saying humble, Jose.

2.15pm GMT

“During my career I made mistakes, I’m not going to make the same mistakes, I mean I’m going to make new mistakes,” Mourinho says.

I was worried he was going to get everything right for a second.

2.14pm GMT

Speaking of great managers, I hope Sky Sports News show the Chris Kamara Christmas album advert again. Dan Wootton is a fan.

2.13pm GMT

In essence, Mourinho has just been biding his time. “I had a feeling I was going to get a club mid-season. I knew I would be in a situation where I would get only one or two days before my first game. I cannot come here and think it is about myself. It is about the players and going from a base of stability.”

2.12pm GMT

Understandably, Mourinho is quite pleased to be at Spurs. “Happiness-wise I am convinced my choice was a great one.

“The club is huge. I know that I have potentially a great job in my hands.”

2.11pm GMT

Meanwhile ... in France.

Talking of Mourinho, Lille coach is not impressed with the way he poached two members of LOSC's coaching staff: "Everyone has their own way of doing things. But [ironically] it's really classy. Really classy to act like that."

2.09pm GMT

The new Spurs boss says he has been “smiling for two days”, implying he has known about the appointment for 48 hours.

2.09pm GMT

Mourinho responds to the Sky Sports News reporter: “I know you would like to keep me at Sky! But this is my life.”

Lovely banter.

2.08pm GMT

Mourinho starts with some praise for his predecessor. He says: “Mauricio, for the work he did, this club will be always his home.

“He can come when he wants. When he miss the players, when he miss the people he work with. The door is always open for him. He will find happiness again. He will find a great club again. He will have a great future.”

2.06pm GMT

Steve Bruce says Mourinho is one of the best managers out there and “you can’t achieve what he has during his career and be a spent force.

“It’s great to have the Special One back.”

2.05pm GMT

I do like the jacket.

2.03pm GMT

Spurs are no one’s second club now.

The best part of Jose appointment
For 19 teams (nah make it 20) it is easier to dislike spurs now

2.02pm GMT

Emery on Mourinho: “He is a very good coach. His career is very strong with the titles and experience.”

He also praised the work of Pochettino and round his exit a surprise.

2.01pm GMT

Sky offer a few images of the room the press conference is taking place, confirming that it’s absolutely packed! There is a policy of one journalist per media organisation.

2.00pm GMT


1.58pm GMT

Matthew Dony thinks the league is better for the return of Mourinho: “I have always loved Mourinho, and I will continue to love him. The league is an inherently more entertaining place with him in it. I just wouldn’t want him anywhere near Liverpool.”

As a Manchester City fan, I always took great pleasure in defeating his teams.

1.56pm GMT

Gregory Phillips is feeling optimistic: “My first thought upon Mourinho’s appointment, as a Spurs fan: This will not end well. In fact, I doubt it will start well either, nor will it go well in the middle.”

1.55pm GMT

We’ve gone global!

Hell from Brazil, @Will_Unwin! Waiting for the press conference and looking forward Saturday luchtime, despite supporting City. Big hugs and have a nice work!

1.52pm GMT

Mourinho was on the training ground this morning trying to impart advice. Hopefully he got through to Son Heung-min.

1.48pm GMT

Gustav says:It has been 24 hours and my brain still has trouble processing Jose Mourinho in context as the Spurs head coach. I feel like I am in a parallel universe to the real timeline, but it feels deeply strange in a way that Trump being President of the United States does not. Is it just me?”

It certainly has been a very strange 24 hours.

1.46pm GMT

Brendan Rodgers says Jose is a winner and will be looking to win things at Spurs, while Quique Sanchez Flores explains that he loves Pochettino. This could be an emotional afternoon full of praise and platitudes.

1.44pm GMT

Matthew Pearce asks: “Hopefully we’ll kick off with a hilariously egotistical press conference, but I think the funniest Mou is when things start going wrong. My more recent favourites include controlling Shaw’s brain from the touchline and “why always Lukaku?

“What’s your favourite Mourinho quote?”

1.39pm GMT

Daniel emails in with a few thoughts on “the lack of transparency from Spurs’ board and on Mourinho’s appointment”.

“1. In the build up to getting the stadium built, the goal for Pochettino was to get them into the top four. Surely he overachieved in that regard. Did Levy become spoiled with Pochettino’s success that he ended up overspending on the stadium or on boardroom salaries? If he only expected Champions League qualification as the target for Pochettino’s tenure, then four successive Champions League’s in addition to reaching the final must have brought in an enormous amount of unexpected windfall in Levy’s plan. Where did it all go? Did it contribute to the situation that’s left Pochettino out of a job?

“2. Seems that Levy forgot the turmoil we were in under AVB and Sherwood. Pochettino fixed a broken club, created an identity and philosophy that groomed academy prospects to play an attractive style of football, and made Spurs a family at every level, be it players, staff, or fans. Mourinho does not set up his sides in a free flowing manner tactically. Is one man’s prior successes bigger than the club’s philosophical goal? To me, no.”

1.37pm GMT

Graham Potter, who will face Spurs on Boxing Day, describes Mourinho as a “top top manager”. Not much to write home about there.

1.33pm GMT

The traditional No 9, something at Mourinho’s disposal, one can argue.

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1.29pm GMT

Elsewhere ... Emery will be announcing whether Xhaka will be brought back into the fold at the weekend. After the midfielder’s sweary rant at the crowd, the midfielder ha not been seen since in an Arsenal shirt but did enjoy a positive spell away with Switzerland over the international week. Time to forgive an forget?

1.21pm GMT

It might fill up ...

Jose speaking as Tottenham boss for the first time at 1400. Restricted to one reporter per publication.

Just down the road, standing room only for Unai Emery's press briefing at #AFC

1.19pm GMT

Chelsea wish Mourinho well. I was hoping for more hostility, but you can’t have it all.

1.09pm GMT

What went wrong for Pochettino? Jonathan Wilson gives his view.

Related: Pochettino pays price for Spurs’ failure of renewal but Mourinho is a big gamble | Jonathan Wilson

1.06pm GMT

A few new names among Mourinho’s coaching staff at Spurs. The club have confirmed the appointments of João Sacramento (assistant coach), Carlos Lalin (fitness coach), Nuno Santos (goalkeeper coach), Ricardo Formosinho (tactical analyst) and Giovanni Cerra (technical analyst).

1.03pm GMT

No bottle from West Ham ...

Related: West Ham take down video poking fun at new Spurs boss Mourinho

12.59pm GMT

The other live blog currently on the Guardian website is the launch of a Labour manifesto. Corbyn and Mourinho have a lot in common: two men looking to set out their plans for the future to bring their outfit back to the top. Corbyn does potentially have a bigger budget, though.

12.57pm GMT

Levy and Mourinho, a match made in north London.

Ps you can get in touch in the usual places state above. Please tell me about your lunch and caffeine exploits.

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12.54pm GMT

Before we get to Mourinho, we will be hearing from Unai Emery and Brendan Rodgers. I feel the latter will in a cheerier mood than the former, who is under plenty of pressure. They will both be coming up at 1.30pm.

12.50pm GMT

Pellegrini might have something to get excited about soon ...

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12.46pm GMT

A bit more from Pellegrini on Mourinho. As with most of his press conferences, he’s not too excitable on any subject:

He is not my friend but he is not my enemy either.

Maybe I think a different way but he is not my enemy. Everyone has their options to play football the way they want and what they want to say.

[Mourinho] is just in charge of the team for two days so I don’t think he can change too much, they will play in a similar way. That is not an important problem for us to solve, we must give a good performance as a team.

12.44pm GMT

Manuel Pellegrin(o)i has been talking prior to West Ham welcoming Mourinho for his first game in charge. The Hammers boss says Mourinho is “not my friend but not my enemy”. Adding he might have a drink with him after the match.

12.42pm GMT

One problem Mourinho will have is a complete lack of transfer funds ...

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12.40pm GMT

Mourinho’s new aim is to avoid falling out with his players, which has blighted his recent roles. How will Kane react to his style? Can he get the best out of Alli? Will he wantaway stars change their mind?

12.37pm GMT

Sky Sports News are currently at Brighton for some reasons or other. José isn’t going to be there!! All we care about is Mourinho. It’s OK, they’ve just wished Lewis Dunk at happy birthday, which is sweet. I take it all back,

12.35pm GMT

Get in the mood for Mourinho with everything he needs to do at Spurs ...

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12.15pm GMT

Welcome one and all.

José Mourinho is the new Tottenham boss, while Mauricio Pochettino is left to lick some wounds and ponder his next move. Mourinho is the man of now and the next four years, supposedly. Today he will respond to the why, what and who in terms of Tottenham but he knows the ultimate answer will come on the pitch over the coming months.

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Mourinho says Pochettino always welcome at Spurs as he is unveiled as new manager – video

Guardian - tor, 21/11/2019 - 16:38

José Mourinho gave his first press conference as the head coach of Tottenham on Thursday and paid tribute to Mauricio Pochettino, insisting his predecessor was ‘always welcome’ at Spurs.

He said: ‘This club will be always his home. He can come when he wants. When he misses the players, when he misses the people he work with. The door is always open for him’

Mourinho also addressed his 11-month break from the game since being sacked as manager of Manchester United

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Nicholas: Mourinho a short-term fix

Sky Sports - tor, 21/11/2019 - 16:35
Charlie Nicholas says Jose Mourinho at Tottenham is a "short-term fix" and praised Mauricio Pochettino for the job he did at the club.

Pellegrini: Jose not my friend or enemy

Sky Sports - tor, 21/11/2019 - 14:58
West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini says Jose Mourinho is “not my friend, but not my enemy” ahead of facing the new Tottenham head coach in Saturday’s London derby.

José Mourinho at Tottenham: the winners, losers and potential signings

Guardian - tor, 21/11/2019 - 12:25

Mourinho tried to sign Eric Dier and Toby Alderweireld in his last job, but Dele Alli and Giovani Lo Celso may not suit his style

By Ben McAleer for WhoScored

Spurs make the short trip to West Ham on Saturday lunchtime in need of three points. They are 14th in the Premier League, six points above the relegation zone and without a win in their last five league matches. José Mourinho’s first challenge as manager is to win an away match in the league, something Mauricio Pochettino failed to do in his last 12 attempts.

Spurs’ last away win in the league came on a cold, winter evening at Craven Cottage in January – and they only won that match thanks to a 93rd-minute goal from Harry Winks. Since that victory over Fulham, Tottenham have lost nine away games in the league and drawn the other three. To make matters worse, they have given up leads at Southampton, Arsenal, Leicester, Liverpool and, most recently, Everton. Mourinho has the opportunity to end this disappointing run and set a course for the top four. But, looking beyond their trip to the London Stadium, who stands to win and lose from his appointment?

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